LINDSAY Virtual Human

LINDSAY — Virtual Human: Bringing Virtual Anatomy and Physiology to Life

The Evolutionary & Swarm Design Laboratory is currently developing LINDSAY—Virtual Human, a 3-dimensional, interactive model of male and female anatomy and physiology to be used for medical education. One key characteristic of LINDSAY is the integration of computational models across scales to simulate physiological processes from the body level to the level of organs, tissues, cells, and sub-cellular structures. LINDSAY is a collaborative project between the Faculties of Medicine, Computer Science, and Education. LINDSAY is currently being integrated with distributed virtual learning environments such as Second Life and Project Wonderland.

For in-classroom use we have developed LINDSAY Presenter, a visualization and exploration environment that presents different scenarios within the simulated human body (such as the immune system, respiration, kidney function, etc). In order to create complex scenes for presentation and investigation, we have developed LINDSAY Composer, a highly graphical programming environment, which facilities the composition of complex educational scenarios around the human body.

More information about LINDSAY can be found at its dedicated web site: .


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