Twintron list

This table lists all identified twintrons, for multiple copies of each exact organisation, refer to the "multiple copies" section on the outer prototype page.
Outer intron Inner intron Inner range
Ba.t.I3 Bacterial C AE015928.1:[3254698..3258524] Ba.t.I4 Bacterial D AE015928.1:[3254752..3256655] 1870..3773
D.h.I1 ML CP001336.1:1633064..1638161 D.h.I2 ML CP001336.1:1634688..1637195 1625..4132
N.sp.I3 CL2 BA000020.2:258243..262762 N.sp.I2 CL2 BA000020.2:259212..261420 970..3177
T.e.I7 CL2 CP000393.1:[7258498..7263621] T.e.I8 CL1 CP000393.1:[7261005..7263468] 154..2617
Th.e.I1 CL1 BA000039.2:27344..30566 Th.e.I2 ORF-LESS BA000039.2:27972..28810 629..1467
Th.e.I6 ORF-LESS BA000039.2:444131..445814 Th.e.I2 ORF-LESS BA000039.2:444772..445610 642..1480