List of Chloroplast Group II introns by Organism

Clicking on the intron name in the "Species" column brings up full information for individual introns, including intron sequence, GenBank annotation, flanking sequence, ORF sequence and intron RNA structure. Other links in the Table provide additional information.
This is not meant to be a complete list of known chloroplast introns and only ORF-containing introns are shown.
Researchers are referred to GOBASE for further information on organellar introns.
SpeciesOrganism ClassHost geneIntronORF domainsSize (aa)ORF fused with upstream exon?Genbank
Nicotiana tabacumPlanttrnKI1RT(5-7)-X509NoNC_001879
Marchantia polymorphaPlanttrnKI1RT(5-7)-X370NoX04465
Scenedesmus obliquusGreen AlgaepetDI1RT-X-Zn608NoP19593
Oocystacea sp.Green AlgaepetDI1RT-X-Zn608NoS05341
Bryopsis maximaGreen AlgaerbcLI1RT-X478NoX55877
Pyrenomonas salinaGreen Algaecpn60I1RT-X452NoX81356
Euglena gracilisEuglenoidpsbCI4RT-X458NoX70810
Euglena gracilisEuglenoidpsbDI8RT-X506NoX70810
Euglena decesEuglenoidpsbCI4RT-X453NoZ99833
Euglena myxocylindraceaEuglenoidpsbCI4RT-X436NoZ99835
Euglena viridisEuglenoidpsbCI4RT-X468NoZ99836
Lepocinclis buetschliiEuglenoidpsbCI4RT-X451NoZ99834